The prototype of the electric autonomous unicycle has passed sea trials

Inventor John Dungley, who designed a self-balancing unicycle last year, recently rode a new version of it successfully. He called his brainchild The Mega Hub Motor Electric Unicycle - this time the motor is brushless and integrated directly into the wheel, which reduces the size of the machine to a minimum. Retro styling and impressive performance are included.

The old version, the Lunar Rover, used a DC electric motor and chain drive. The new unicycle received a 3 kW motor, built directly into a 17-inch wheel, created by order of Dungley in China. The inventor used a Kelly controller for outboard motors, so he could not find a suitable reverse mode for an e-bike with adequate operation.

The cylindrical object on top of the wheel is the seat for the pilot and the location for 20 LiFePO 4 batteries. For beauty and cooling, an aviation air intake is installed in front of it, and all the electronics for the self-balancing system are hidden in a huge headlight casing from the Soviet Ural motorcycle. There is no speedometer and no dashboard at all. Information about the operation of on-board systems is processed by the Arduino microcontroller and voiced through the Talkie speech synthesizer.

Unlike electric scooters, here turns and maneuvers are made not by tilting the human body, but with the help of a small steering wheel. When the wheel is tilted to the right or left by the swivel mechanism, the seat pivots on the swivel joints set by the floor at an angle. The human rider is much heavier than the car itself, but he still easily maintains his balance, and in case of emergency braking there is a small wheel-balancer in front.