Ice-class yacht Ida Pfeiffer was created to conquer the polar latitudes with maximum comfort

Traveling to the North Pole is turning from an exotic adventure into an ordinary voyage for wealthy tourists, in connection with which the shipbuilding industry is developing a new type of ship: polar yachts. Globe Regal Yachting has partnered with Gill Schmid Designs and Dörries Yachts to design the Ida Pfeiffer superyacht. This is an analogue of a 5-star hotel in the format of a ship for sailing in ice.

The polar yacht Ida Pfeiffer has a length of 70 meters and a displacement of 1, 500 tons with a draft of only 3.75 meters, which allows her to navigate in shallow water and not get stuck among the ice hummocks. The power plant is diesel-electric, the autonomous cruising range reaches 11, 000 km, but the cruising speed is kept secret. The ship received a high icebreaker nose, but what ice class it belongs to is unknown.

The crew of the polar yacht is 15 people, she can take on board 14 passengers, who have 7 guest cabins, plus the owner's suite. The layout is such that guests practically do not collide with the crew, they will even move between decks along different stairs. And to get into the technical rooms, you have to try.

On board Ida Pfeiffer has its own mini-submarine "Triton", two ground vehicles, cranes for their unloading on the ice, as well as a helicopter platform with a fast-erected hangar against the weather. The vessel can be used for excursions, cruises or commercial operations in polar waters. It is built to order and the price is kept secret.