Mini boat Rapid Whale conquers the sea

Back in January, Josh Tulberg, co-founder of Rapid Whale, launched his mini-boat for the first time. One of the first heats, during which he managed to overcome several small waves, took place in Southern California.

The mini boat is made of marine plywood with several 3D printed fragments. It has a comfortable seat, steering wheel and a lead-acid battery that powers the outboard electric motor capable of speeds of 6.4 km / h.

Josh Tulberg and his friend Dylan decided to make their first long-distance flight to Alameda, a city located east of San Francisco. It was a sunny, windy day, the sea was a little rough, but this did not stop the brave sailors.

Mini-boats, not without difficulty, managed to sail away from the coast, overcoming the waves. Then the voyage continued without any problems. They arose upon returning to the shore. While trying to slide down the crest of a large wave, the boats, together with the "captains", turned over, without any harm to the latter.

Rapid Whale drawings, according to which anyone can assemble their own boat, are available on the company's website.