Japanese startup is developing a backpack that will increase the jumping ability of a person several times

We live in a world where, thanks to technological advances, the boundaries of natural human capabilities are constantly expanding. An example of this is the startup of students at the University of Tokyo - Lunavity, a compact backpack that increases the "jumping" of a person.

An early non-working prototype of the device was unveiled at the SXSW Austin Festival this week. With the help of 16 rotating screws located in a circle, a person acquires the ability to jump 2-3 times higher and further than usual.

The main motivation behind the developers to create Lunavity is "to make the world more interesting." A video posted on YouTube shows a student jumping across a pedestrian crossing in one jump.

There is no information yet on the possible price of Lunavity or its commercial prospects. But regardless of this, it is worth paying tribute to the engineering talent of the creators of the unusual jump-pack.