Israel has developed an off-road scooter for the military

The Israeli company DSRider has developed a versatile single-seater electric vehicle that combines the properties of an ATV and a segway - the EZRider. It is designed primarily for special forces soldiers. It can also be used by representatives of the police, emergency services and simply lovers of walks on "wheels".

The Rider moves easily over rough terrain and can additionally carry loads of up to 136 kg. They were already interested in the US Army, which purchased several copies from DSRider for further testing.

The EZRider is a complete line of sister vehicles that also includes the EZRider HD2 and EZRider HD4 models. Compared to the base model, they are designed for higher loads. So EZRIder HD4 with a weight of 113, 4 kg can already carry two soldiers and a load weighing 210 kg. The electric vehicle is equipped with two 1200 watt electric motors and a 60 volt (3000 watt / hour) battery, which provides 40 km of mileage per charge at a speed of 70 km / h.

EZRider moves almost silently, which is very important when performing special missions. Unlike similar vehicles with internal combustion engines, it emits less heat, which provides it with less infrared visibility. You can control the EZRider using either the steering wheel or the joystick.