World's largest amphibious aircraft makes its maiden flight

It took 8 years to develop the world's largest Chinese amphibious aircraft AG600 Kunlong, and finally, it made its first flight at an altitude of 3000 meters, after which it landed safely at the airport in Zhuhai.

The dimensions of the AG600 are comparable to those of the Boeing-737: fuselage length 40 m, wingspan 39 m. The flying amphibian is designed for civil defense, fire fighting, and military missions in the South China Sea. To the credit of the AG600 developers, 98% of it is assembled from Chinese-made components.

Speaking of giant amphibious aircraft, one cannot but recall their "grandfather" - the famous "Spruce Goose", developed at the expense of the legendary pilot and billionaire Howard Hughes.

The Spruce Goose had a wingspan of 97.54 meters. It was equipped with eight engines capable of carrying up to 750 soldiers or two 30-ton M4 Sherman tanks. However, the fate of this flying giant did not work out. In 1947, he made his first and only flight.

The AG600 Kunlong's ability to take off and land on water makes it very useful for marine rescue operations even in two meter waves. The first "water" flight of the giant flying amphibian should take place in the next six months.