Virgin Hyperloop One sets new speed record

A few days ago, new tests of the Virgin Hyperloop One transportation system took place at a test site near Las Vegas. The developers called the main achievement of the tests a new record for maximum speed. On December 15, the unmanned module accelerated to 387 km / h.

The new speed level is a quarter better than the previous figure, 310 km / h. The tests were carried out in a closed pipe, divided into sections of 500 m, with parallel testing of a system of automatic locks. Without it, maintaining ultra-low pressure, 0, 0002 atmospheres, would be difficult and unprofitable. Plus, new components in the suspension of the magnetic landing gear, the navigation system, the autopilot, etc. were tested.

The ultimate goal of the Virgin Hyperloop One project is to create a full-fledged intercontinental transportation system in which capsules with passengers and cargo will move through pipes at aircraft speeds. Until October 2017, the name of the project did not contain the word "Virgin", it appeared there after the famous entrepreneur Richard Branson joined the board of directors. Now it's official.

With the arrival of Branson, other investors also reached out to the project - for example, information flashed about an investment of $ 50 million from Caspian Venture Capital and DP World. And there are already rumors that Hyperloop could become the backbone of the New Silk Road, the grand trade highway currently being built by China and Russia between Asia and Europe.