China's carrier fleet is threatened by ... jellyfish

One of the most powerful military fleets in the world, the Chinese Navy, has an enemy that lacks a brain and even vertebrae. We are talking about flocks of giant jellyfish, which in large quantities enter the cooling system of ship power plants, disabling them.

For this reason, engineers at the Research Institute of Oceans and Fisheries (Dalian, Liaoying Province) are developing a jellyfish shredder that will become an insurmountable barrier to marine invertebrates. The device is a network of cells covered with steel blades. Towed by a ship, it cuts the flocks of jellyfish into small pieces, clearing the way for the large ships following behind.

The rapid growth of the jellyfish population is not only a problem for the Chinese Navy. Sometimes reaching the size of a large chair, they pose a danger to large industrial facilities and, above all, nuclear power plants, where seawater is used as a refrigerant. A huge number of jellyfish literally turn water into jelly, knocking out power plants. So in the Philippines, millions of people were left without electricity as a result of the shutdown of a 1000 MW power plant due to the ingress of 50 tons of jellyfish into the cooling system.

Ironically, China has created this problem for itself, annually destroying up to 100 million sharks that feed on jellyfish. The explosive growth of their population is also largely facilitated by over-limit fishing - China's share of the world seafood market is 35%.