Military exoskeleton Fortis will help soldiers carry more things

Lockheed Martin's new Fortis exoskeleton helps soldiers carry heavy loads while significantly reducing leg strain.

According to the news publication Army Technology, test participants in Fortis exoskeletons effortlessly carried the 18-kilogram weight, climbing an inclined surface at an angle of 15 degrees.

The Fortis Knee Relief Device (KRSD) has been designed to strengthen the leg when lifting and carrying weights. The exoskeleton generates synchronized knee-joint movements that greatly enhance the physical potential of the wearer.

The weight of the device is 12 kg, but since it is evenly distributed throughout the body, the wearer practically does not notice it. At the same time, a person's working capacity increases by 2–27 times. Fortis is easy to master.

According to military experts, exoskeletons have good prospects in the war of the future. Soldiers equipped with it will be able to carry the necessary additional cargo, for example, the Stinger MANPADS. It is worth noting that Fortis does not have power-driven mechanical amplifiers. With the help of this exoskeleton, military personnel will be able to more easily pass difficult traverse and operate successfully in hilly terrain.