SureFly civil octocopter will make its first flight in January 2018

For the first time information about the two-seater ultra-fiber octocopter SureFly of the American company Workhorse appeared in June this year. Later, the novelty was presented at the Le Bourget air show. If the tests are successful, the first manned flight of the copter could take place as early as January 8, 2018, on the eve of the annual CES in Las Vegas.

Presented as "the world's first personal electric hybrid", the SureFly octocopter weighs 500 kg and is equipped with four rotors powered by a hybrid propulsion system - a 200 hp Honda gasoline generator. In case of an accident, it has a backup battery designed for 5 minutes of operation, which is quite enough for an emergency landing. In case of complete failure of the mechanics, the ballistic parachute will work.

SureFly can fly in manned mode at a speed of 113 km / h for a range of up to 70 km with a payload of 181 kg. Control is carried out with a joystick. Workhorse has estimated its creation at $ 200, 000.