Yamaha prepares to unveil the incredible Niken trike

A decade ago, Yamaha kicked off the intrigue with the Tesseract and OR2T multi-wheeled concept. In 2015, the three-wheeled model MWT-9 appeared - unlike the classic layout of trikes, the front pair of wheels was double here. And now, in 2018, the incredible Niken enters the series.

The Yamaha Niken is a road monster, a steel beast 2, 15 m long and 0, 88 m wide. A massive fairing, somewhat similar to the flattened version of the Triumph 675, hides the fastening of two front struts, ending in 15-inch wheels. Twin forks, independent suspension, completely new dynamics of maneuvering and cornering.

The Yamaha Niken developers say bluntly that their brainchild will become the most reliable and stable bike in the world on the road. Even without the qualifications of an experienced pilot, the trike is designed in such a way that deliberately turning it over while driving is akin to a feat. Judging by the promotional video, these are not empty words at all, but there is still little technical information.

Officially, the Yamaha Niken model should be presented at the EICMA exhibition, which will be held on November 6 this year. And there are good reasons to believe that this time it will not be about a concept, but a car completely ready for mass production.