Porsche launches first ever self-designed superyacht

In the last days of September 2017, the Monaco Yacht Show will take place, one of the novelties of which will be the Dynamiq GTT 115. A joint brainchild of shipbuilders and geniuses of the automotive industry - more precisely, the designers of the eminent supercar brand. For simplicity's sake, it is called the "first Porsche superyacht".

The 35m vessel was designed and built by Vripack, conception and design were in charge of the Porsche AG studio. By default, the superyacht runs on MAN diesels with a capacity of 3, 2 thousand hp, but the client can order a hybrid power plant with zero emissions into the atmosphere. The speed ceiling is 21 knots (43 km / h), the autonomous navigation range is 3400 nautical miles.

This boat was created with a single dominant goal: to transfer the feeling of comfort and luxury from the Autobahn, from Porshe cars, to the water. The superyacht can accommodate only 12 people, 6 crew members and six passengers, but everywhere there are wide aisles, high ceilings, carbon, marble and leather trim. According to the creators of the Dynamiq GTT 115, they even tried to make sure that the roar of the motors did not interfere with meditating on the deck and watching the stars.

The creation of the superyacht is marketed as the culmination of bringing the Porsche brand's charm from land to water. A total of 7 full-size copies will be released, each priced at $ 16, 590, 500. And a number of smaller yachts - currently two "budget" versions are being prepared, but their presentation is not soon.