Panasonic's refrigerator of the future drives up to its owner

It is very easy to make the interior of a home robotic, to endow household appliances with the function of executing commands and the necessary mobility. We take, for example, a refrigerator box and put it on the chassis from a cleaning robot, equip it with a voice interface - and that's it, the source of cool drinks is ready to drive around the apartment, obeying the owner's commands.

This is exactly the concept that Panasonic has proposed. Her mobile refrigerator is, first of all, a personal robot that becomes attached to a specific person and possesses the rudiments of intelligence to learn his habits. As well as the topography of housing, the presence of other inhabitants and their characteristics. The robot uses sensors to build a dynamic map of the area and learns to navigate it on its own, without disturbing anyone. Not right away, by trial and error, but what can't you do for the sake of your beloved owner?

Ultimately, this should take the form when, at the command "Refrigerator, move here", the robot will determine the owner's location, lay a route, will not knock the vase off the table, which was placed only yesterday, on the way, and will not press its paw on the cat who decided to take a nap in the sun. Have you brought in a bunch of guests or rearranged furniture? The robot must adapt to all changes in a timely manner.

A concept is a concept, even a "refrigerator" is nothing more than a convention. Seniors or people with limited mobility who don't enjoy going to the kitchen may want hot tea, hot soup, or a dose of medication on schedule. The main thing is to develop the intellectual platform itself, and there will be a use for it.