Qantas Airways plans to launch the world's longest non-stop flight

Qantas Airways is seriously considering launching a new route from London to Sydney, direct and non-stop, by 2020. It will be a record-breaking single flight for passenger aviation, more than 20 hours on the way, but it promises tremendous benefits. Finally, the issue of the availability of all parts of the world in one trip will be resolved - only there is still no suitable aircraft for such a task.

The traditional suppliers for the Qantas Airways fleet, the American Boeing and the European Airbus, have already informally joined the work on the creation of such an airliner. We are talking about promising models Boeing 777X and Airbus A350ULR, which can take off into the sky in the next few years.

Airbus A350ULR

The key requirement for the future aircraft: the ability to fly with a full load, passengers, luggage and fuel, not less than 17 thousand km. Without landings, refueling and maintenance, plus with the preservation of comfortable conditions for people on board - which is only food and the burden on toilets on such a long flight! The existing limit for passenger airliners, subject to all flight rules, is a whole thousand kilometers less.

Qantas Airways is inviting aircraft manufacturers to revolutionize technology by moving from large aircraft for long-haul flights to aircraft that will fly around the world. The challenge was thrown and accepted by the largest aircraft manufacturers on the planet.