Russian fighters of the 6th generation will be equipped with radio-photonic radars

Development of the 6th generation Russian fighter continues. As conceived by the designers, it will concentrate all the latest achievements of the latest technologies. In particular, the electronic filling will be replenished with a radio-photonic radar, an experimental prototype of which was created by the specialists of the Radioelectronic Technologies concern.

According to the head of the concern, Vladimir Mikheev, the efficiency of the radar reaches 60-70% against 40% of the currently operating models. With its help, fighter pilots will receive extremely complete visual information about the detected objects, including the type and weapons.

The scanning signal of the new airborne radar is formed by transforming the energy of a coherent laser into microwave radiation using a photonic crystal.

The radio photonic radar is capable of performing several functions at once - to act as a means of communication, to carry out data transmission and electronic suppression.