Elon Musk said that the heavy rocket Falcon Heavy will try to take off in November

Is a long-term secret development coming to its logical conclusion? After the delayed test launches of the super-heavy version in the Falcon rocket family in 2014 and 2015, few hoped that the project would be crowned with success. But last night, the godfather of the entire program, Elon Musk, wrote a short tweet - the launch is scheduled for November.

Why isn't the heavyweight brother of the Falcon 9 light rocket still flying? The answer is simple: an immense mountain of engineering problems, mostly unique, that had to be solved by the specialists of the Space X project. For example, the return of the first stages back to Earth after launch is the cornerstone of the entire program. But on the sides of the Falcon Heavy there are two more giant boosters - what about them?

Many experts say frankly that they do not even hope to see the Falcon Heavy flight, let alone the successful completion of the entire test program. Even Musk himself said at the last conference that he wanted very little - let the launch pad remain intact after the launch, and that's all. The fate of the rocket itself at this stage does not interest him, this development still looks too crude.

Failure or success awaits Falcon Heavy in November, and work on the super-heavy rocket will definitely continue. Without her, all plans for a flight to Mars, for the construction of stations in space and Musk's other dreams will remain nothing more than a PR project. And it is better to have one "kind catastrophe" now, in order to identify and eliminate imperfections, than years of hopeless expectations and fading hopes.