Energy Observer is a marine vessel powered entirely by renewable energy sources

The marine vessel Energy Observer, a restored sports catamaran, is unique in its own way: it fully functions due to renewable energy sources - wind, sun and hydrogen released from the water using the electrolysis method. The Observer is now at the very beginning of a six-year journey around the world. His first stop was Paris.

The idea of ​​renewable sources is not new: it is enough to remember the "sailing" era. However, the Energy Observer is a high-tech vessel. Its energy sources are solar panels and wind generators. They are complemented by an electrolyzer - an innovative installation that decomposes water into hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis.

The resulting hydrogen is collected in special tanks and used when other sources - solar and wind - are inactive due to weather conditions. In addition to the main one, marine electric motors perform the function of a hydrogenerator when the vessel is in kitesurfing mode.

The Paris stop is the first of 101 planned for the next six years. All of them will be used to demonstrate the capabilities of energy independent ships as an alternative to fossil fuel ships.