The concept of an SUV for Mars was copied from the comics

Whoever steps onto the surface of the Red Planet first is now about 15-16 years old. An unnamed schoolboy, still unaware of his great mission. Disorder, decided at NASA, and to lure young people, announced several bright, albeit controversial projects. One of them was the concept of a Martian rover from the Parker Brothers studio.

The hefty car, over 8 meters long, was shown at the opening ceremony for the Summer of Mars event at Kennedy Space Center earlier this week. It was created with private funds, without spending taxpayers' money, and the main designers were the same people who at one time developed special effects for the film "Tron". As they joke in NASA - if Batman went to Mars, it would only be behind the wheel of this unit.

The rover is entirely made of composite materials and is very light - with the dimensions of a heavy tank, it weighs as much as a sedan, and on Mars it will be even less. Huge hemispherical wheels received combined tires that provide extremely low specific ground pressure, but have rigid slats so as not to get stuck completely. The engine is electric, the source of energy is a 700-volt battery and solar panels.

In the frontal part of the rover there is a driver's cabin and a salon for 4 people. The back is a mobile laboratory that can be detached and left to work autonomously. The control of the Martian rover is as close as possible to the usual and does not require special pilot skills from candidates. Is that caution - as conceived by the authors, the car will be able to accelerate to 100 km / h, but they want to artificially limit the speed ceiling to 25 km / h - there are no motorways on Mars yet.