Omnicopter drone: not a single car in history has flown like this

If you mount a backlight on this device and show the flight to an inexperienced viewer at night, associations with UFOs are almost guaranteed. The only thing that betrays the terrestrial origin of the omnicopter is its low speed, but this aircraft can move in space exactly the way we are used to describing "alien saucers". Allegedly violating all physical laws.

The omnicopter's lift is provided by eight typical motors with propellers, but it differs from conventional multicopters by the principle of their location. Not in a single or several horizontal planes, but each at its own angle. Roughly speaking, the engines look "in all directions of the world", which allows the car to fly anywhere at any time.

She has no front and back, top and bottom, the omnicopter can tumble in space as you like, without losing stability. Where a conventional drone makes an airplane or helicopter maneuver to reach a given point, the omnicopter simply turns the right side and shifts to the required distance in space. The flight speed is not high, but this is more than offset by the accuracy of movement and low fuel consumption. And the omnicopter simply needs less free space to work.

So that the robot itself does not get confused where and how it flies, the developers have created a sophisticated algorithm for calculating the trajectory and making a decision. The system builds up to 500, 000 different routes for each routine task of the "fly from A to B" type to select the only optimal one. This is a dynamic process - while the camera is tracking the trajectory of the ball, the machine calculates where and in what position it must be in order to catch it. In the experiment, this took only 20 milliseconds.

Omnicopters are a breakthrough, experimental concept with incredible potential. Firstly, it is no longer a flying platform that simply transports some equipment, but a unit for a variety of interactions with the environment. Secondly, the omnicopter will squeeze into any labyrinth, be it caves on Mars or the communications complex of the automatic plant of the future. A drone built to work efficiently in enclosed 3D spaces is almost the ideal work unit of tomorrow. And yes, it will not be difficult to hang a weapon on it.