O-R3 is a security robot car with its own assistant drone

Otsaw Digital, a Singapore-based company, has combined two sought-after security system components into a single team. The mobile ground robot patrol received a partner in the form of a sentry multicopter, which can be sent for reconnaissance from the air. But the main thing is that this tandem does everything autonomously, without instructions from the human operator.

The complex was named O-R3 and is positioned as an excellent example of using the principles of machine learning with practical benefits. The primary task of the duo of two robots is to patrol a given area and find what is different from the norm. An ownerless bag, a lost child, a cigarette butt not extinguished, a broken door, a suspicious squint of a pizza delivery man's eyes. All methods of face and object recognition that have been invented today are used.

O-R3 has no weapons, it's a watchman and nothing more. However, the watchman is hardy and versatile - the ground robot itself decides when to launch a flying colleague into the sky. And he can both execute specific commands and conduct an independent search for targets within a radius of 100 meters from the carrier platform. The people in the control center can only monitor the situation and not interfere with the machines to work.

In essence, O-R3 is not a new word in the security system, but something that will break it and help reform it. Robots can work around the clock, seven days a week, monitor energy consumption and make decisions themselves. Their ingenuity is not enough to recognize a catch and reveal a particularly insidious trap, but such machines will greatly reduce the need for human personnel to patrol the territory. Routine and boring, but vital work - as in the proverb "robots work, not man."

The O-R3 complex will be on display at CommunicAsia17 in Singapore. How much such a tandem costs and who will start using it first is still unknown.