Japanese biker sets a world record for 500 kilometers on his rear wheel

Those who are fond of motorsport know very well what a wheelie is. This term is usually used to denote tricks performed in a "rack" on the rear wheel. Among bikers, there are record holders for the duration of riding in such a very difficult way.

Today the wheelie's record is 500 kilometers. This is exactly how much the 33-year-old Japanese Massaru Abe traveled on the Kawaguchi track without stopping, spending all 13 hours, literally "incinerating" the achievement of the previous record holder - 331 km (8 hours 18 minutes 43 seconds).

Like this for 13 hours

The Japanese set a unique record on a 125-cc serial Yamaha Jog scooter, perhaps one of the most unsuitable machines for such exercises. Refueling of the scooter was carried out on the go.

We must pay tribute to the courage and resilience of the Japanese athlete, but there are hardly many applicants for repetition, and even more so for breaking a record. The 13-hour marathon on the rear wheel was costly for Massaru Abe. He later described his condition while driving.

“I experienced the most excruciating pain in my life. My arms and lower back were numb, and I could not feel them. Everything floated before my eyes. I was on the verge of losing consciousness, my body was practically dehydrated. These were the most difficult moments in my life. "