Bathyscaphe U-Boat Worx equipped with "smart" batteries

The Dutch company U-Boat Worx, which developed the private submarine of the same name 12 years ago, has expanded its popular line of mini-submarines, equipping them with a "smart" battery for longer stay under water.

The performance of the new lithium-ion battery is 350% higher than that of lead-acid counterparts and amounts to 62 kWh. It has successfully passed tests at a depth of up to 4000 meters and has ensured a stay under water 2 times longer than that of previously developed deep-sea research submarines.

Thanks to these power sources, the submarine requires half the time to dive, and, accordingly, there is more time to stay submerged.

The C-Researcher research line is represented by five models, starting with "2-500". The second number in the name indicates the submersion depth of the device - 500 meters. For the two-seater model "2-2000" this figure is 4 times higher. Three-seater models are designed for diving to depths of 480, 1100 and 1700 meters.

Putin aboard U-Boat C-Explorer 3

Compared to competitors and conventional huge ships, the U-Boat Worx has an excellent, almost panoramic view, which is already appreciated by underwater tourists.

The research boat with the new battery will go on sale in the second quarter of 2018 for over $ 2 million.