The world's largest artificial sun created in Germany

Germany is not one of the "sunny" countries, which does not prevent it from being one of the leaders in the field of renewable energy sources. The German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Julich, North Rhine-Westphalia, has created the world's largest artificial sun.

It is a three-story structure called Synlight, designed for all kinds of research, including the development of processes for generating hydrogen fuel using sunlight.

This is the real Sun in the laboratory, working as a concave parabolic reflector, inside of which 150 7-kilowatt lamps are installed, aimed at one point with an area of ​​20 x 20 cm, where a temperature of 3500 ° C is created. In this case, the intensity of illumination exceeds the usual 10, 000 times.

With the help of an artificial sun, scientists want to develop a technology for extracting hydrogen from water vapor, which will then become an ideal ecological fuel for aircraft and cars.

The creation of the artificial sun cost 3.5 million euros, of which the main part was provided by the land of North Rhine-Westphalia, and the remaining 1.1 million euros was invested by the BMWi division.