Australia has developed a boat with an unusual hydraulic "suspension"

Those who suffer from seasickness seem to have the opportunity to go to sea without fear of its unpleasant consequences. Nauti Craft, based in Dunsborough, Western Australia, has developed a boat that can only be called a "sea buggy". It is able to overcome high waves at high speed with hydraulic suspension acting as a shock absorber, which significantly reduces roll.

The special design made it possible to make the upper part of the body independent from the lower one. The hydraulic "layer" dampens vibrations from the collision of the catamaran part of the vessel with waves and does not transmit them to the deck.

Initially, the boat was intended for servicing remote wind farms. However, its commercial prospects very quickly became apparent. The increased stability in rolling conditions combined with high speed and comfort make it attractive in both military and civilian applications.

Similar suspension schemes were used by Mitsubishi Motors in the Dakar rally and by the Citroen team in the World Rally Championship.