British travel company offers to take an underwater trip to the Titanic

The dream of some thrill-seekers to see with their own eyes the wreckage of the infamous Titanic will soon become a reality. British travel company Blue Marble Private announced its readiness to organize an eight-day excursion to the place of eternal rest of the famous ship near Newfoundland at a depth of about 4 km.

Only 9 people will be able to take part in the trip. A helicopter or seaplane with travelers takes off from Newfoundland, Canada, to take them to a yacht anchored above the crash site. And from there, if weather conditions permit, with the help of a specially designed underwater vehicle, they will descend to the bottom.

The dive will take place throughout the day and night. During this time, its participants will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the navigation system of the apparatus, to conduct an underwater communication session by telegraph. The culmination of the program will be the passage of the apparatus over the deck of the sunken liner and inspection of the still preserved fragments of the hull. After the immersion, you can listen to a lecture and take part in a discussion.

However, not everyone will be able to see the Titanic with their own eyes. The cost of the trip will be $ 105, 129, which is equivalent to $ 4350 of the 1912 model. Exactly how much a place in a first-class cabin cost then.