For "Armata" came up with a camouflage "invisible coat" in the form of foam

Fire-fighting, quickly solidifying and masking mixture, developed by specialists of the company "Modern Fire Technologies" (St. Petersburg) is equipped with a complex of protection and camouflage "Zver". Due to its versatility, the unique qualities of the foam will be appreciated by firefighters and crews of military vehicles.

It is a two-component foamy liquid, which contains a foaming agent and a composite substance based on silica nanoparticles. When it hits the heart of the fire, the "Beast" covers it with instantly solidifying foam, which blocks the access of oxygen to the flame. As a result of the sharp cooling, it goes out.

The second "profession" of foam is camouflage. For example, to cover the military equipment based on the "Armata" with a protective layer will take a few minutes. The resulting crust, in addition to everything else, is capable of absorbing and reflecting some types of radiation, making military equipment practically invisible to the enemy's radar and its satellites.

You can get rid of foam when you no longer need it with a jet of water. The washed off foam also does not pose a threat to the environment.