A never-falling Honda motorcycle that can follow its owner

At the traditional consumer electronics exhibition CES 2017, which opened in early January, the Japanese auto giant Honda presented an unusual self-balancing motorcycle, which, moreover, like a dog, can follow a dismounted owner.

The idea of ​​creating such an unusual vehicle came from its developers not from a good life. The fact is that Japan is aging catastrophically, and by 2050 the number of Japanese people who have lived to be 70-80 years old will almost double the number of their 20-30 year old fellow citizens. Thus, the majority of older Japanese people will have to rely only on themselves.

The Japanese robotics industry will be able to help them, in particular, this new product from Honda. The “docile” bike is a modified NC750S with a clutchless automatic dual clutch that allows for large gyroscopes. Balancing is achieved using the front wheel. After stopping, it does not need a special parking step and stands by itself, balancing in place.

Thanks to the automatic transmission, it has another unique feature - the ability to follow the owner wherever he goes, even in very confined spaces.