Thrustcycle's futuristic gyro to see the light of day in 2017

Thrustcycle has unveiled its latest development, the GyroCycle self-stabilizing motorcycle. The unusual vehicle maintains its balance by itself, thanks to the gyroscopic effect, even while remaining completely motionless. Another advantage of using this technology is the increased safety and controllability of the gyrocycle. Due to the design features, it is practically unable to lose traction and go into an uncontrollable skid.

The market for gyroscopes has serious prospects - this type of vehicle is well suited for both young and old riders. With this in mind, BMW recently offered its own version of the Motorrad Vision Next 100 gyro motorcycle. Both manufacturers' models are safer, more environmentally friendly and much quieter than classic motorcycles. The lack of the familiar gasoline engine may not appeal to some users, but the futuristic looks of both gyro scooters will attract additional audiences.

Motorrad Vision Next 100 from BMW

According to Thrustcycle's calculations, her brainchild may enter the market as early as 2017. The price for GyroCycle will be quite high, although the company promises to keep it under $ 20, 000. However, taking into account the development of new models by competitors, the price of future gyroscopes will steadily decline.