The yacht-house in the form of a flying saucer "will land on the water" in 2018

UFO in the form of a flying saucer formed the basis of the concept of a mini-yacht, which is being developed by the Italian company Jet Capsule. In essence, it will be a floating house made of carbon and fiberglass, where its inhabitants can feel in harmony with the sea and its inhabitants. Launching is scheduled for 2018.

This is the second such version. The first floating capsule version 1.0 had a diameter of only 12.5 meters, and the current 2.0 model is already 20 meters. The ship has three levels. The middle floor will house the kitchen and bathroom, while the hot tub and living room with work desk and controls will be located above.

The underwater area will house a large bedroom and a bathroom as standard. In total, the capsule can fit up to 4 bedrooms of different configurations. And thanks to the panoramic glazing, the passengers of the mini-yacht will be able to admire the beauty of the underwater world.

The UFO 2.0 capsule will be powered by two electric motors providing a top speed of up to 16 km / h. The power sources will be 16 batteries, which receive energy from solar panels, wind generators, and water turbines.

To start producing capsules, Jet Capsule management intends to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds. Deliveries of the first yachts are scheduled for 2018. Estimated price - $ 200, 000.