BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 - the next century concept robot bike

The concept was developed in celebration of BMW's anniversary and presented at the Los Angeles show. Demonstration of intentions - the Bavarians showed the continuity of generations in motorcycle construction and outlined the future scope of work.

For the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100, a unique structure in the "functional sculpture" design is to be created. It has no mechanical joints, protruding elements, levers or buttons. When turning, it is not the steering rack that turns, but the entire frame of the bike bends. And the same thing happens with any maneuvers - the car dynamically changes shape, always maintaining stability.

Its powerplant is only reminiscent of 20th-century boxer engines, but in fact it provides zero emissions. True, it has yet to be invented. As well as a tread with an adaptable pattern that changes depending on the road surface underneath. The rider's outfit also transforms for protection from wind, rain, cold or overheating.

The owner of the bike does not need a helmet at all, a small visor shield with an augmented reality system is enough. The probability of getting into an accident is almost zero. The BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 fully monitors all aspects of the movement and informs the driver about the most important things. In a broad sense, this is no longer a vehicle, but a "smart" solution that will help the person of tomorrow to avoid routine tasks when moving from point A to B.