SeaBubbles - the water taxi of the future

As you know, the continuous growth in the number of cars is guaranteed to lead to one of the main problems of all megacities - traffic jams. Improving the system of urban public transport, pedestrian zones, increasing the network of cycle paths only partially solves this problem.

Yachtsman Elain Tebolt and windsurfer Anders Bringdahl proposed the concept of a water taxi - SeaBubbles for cities with developed water infrastructure in the form of rivers and canals. They have already managed to raise $ 500, 000 for the project, and by next year they intend to raise another $ 1 million. The project sponsors include UAV manufacturer Parrot, investment company Partech Ventures and the French government.

The SeaBubbles is a fast, virtually silent, electrically powered vessel with a cruising range of about 100 km. An important point is that it will not create waves at all, so as not to subject the banks of the channels to erosion. According to the authors of the project, the water taxi will become a modern alternative to land transport and will help to partially relieve the city highways.

Elain Tebolt already has experience in creating such vessels. Not so long ago, he and his team developed the Hydroptere trimaran sailing yacht, which barely touches the surface of the water in motion. The SeaBubbles concept uses the same layout, raising the hull above the water even without hydrofoils.

Limitations for the widespread use of SeaBubbles are quite natural and are associated with the lack of water infrastructure. The water taxi will be able to run between two points bordering the waterway. However, if there already exists a developed land transport network, then it is unlikely that "water bubbles" will compete with it.