QuadRKT is an incredibly fast rocket-shaped quadcopter

Aeronautical engineers Ron Barrett and Richard Bramlett have built a very unusual quadcopter. It is capable, like a rocket, of reaching very high speeds. For example, in one of the test flights, a speed of 210 km / h was shown.

To achieve these results, the engineers combined the advantages of vertical takeoff and landing, characteristic of copters, with the wings of a jet plane and a streamlined rocket in one design. This symbiosis allowed their brainchild to develop a record speed, and, if necessary, hover motionless in place.

The development, combining the best qualities of a quadrocopter and a rocket, they called QuadRKT. At the initial stage of the work, the engineers applied for financing the project to the defense development agency DARPA, but they refused to implement the idea, recognizing it as unpromising.

They then launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to continue research into ultra-high-speed unmanned aerial vehicles combining an airplane with a quadcopter. Many drone enthusiasts liked the idea, as they lack the speed developed by the drones.