Solar Impulse 2 completes penultimate round-the-world flight

The internationally renowned solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse 2 is close to completing its journey around the world. The penultimate stop was the Cairo airport. The plane flew to the capital of Egypt for two days through the airspace of Greece, Italy, Algeria and Tunisia.

The landing was preceded by a flight over the famous Egyptian pyramids. On this, the mission of the pilot Andre Borschberg can be considered completed. At the final 17th stage, which will end where the flight started - to Abu Dhabi, Solar Impulse 2 will be piloted by co-pilot Bertrand Picard.

Recall that the round-the-world trip started on March 15 last year in Abu Dhabi. The total flight time was 48 hours 51 minutes. The aircraft's engines are powered entirely by solar panels located on the wings. They charge lithium-ion batteries, which ensure the operation of the engines in the dark. The exact date of the completion of the circumnavigation is still unknown, which is associated with the state of the aircraft and the weather.