DARPA has developed an unmanned vessel to search for submarines

The Advanced Military Development Agency DARPA announced the creation of an unmanned vessel designed to detect low-noise diesel submarines in the coastal strip. Its full name is ACTUV. Launching is scheduled for April 7th.

Tests will take place in Portland, Oregon, after which the range of the boat will be increased. The trials themselves will last a year and a half in close collaboration with the United States Naval Research Administration.

Introducing the new product, the agency's deputy director, Dr. Steve Walker, said:

"Imagine an unmanned vessel that independently follows all maritime rules and interacts with other surface and submarine vessels."

This year this project will be 6 years old. ACTUV is a 40-meter unmanned boat with an autonomous control system based on a special program designed for 100 different scenarios.

During the tests, the prototype was able to detect a target imitating a submarine at a distance of 1 km, which was appreciated by the representatives of the US Navy.