Shockproof drone Gimball being tested in an ice gorge

At the beginning of last year, a team of Swiss specialists received a $ 1 million grant for the creation of a Gimball drone designed for flights in confined spaces. It is currently being tested in the Swiss Alps, exploring deep glacial cracks.

The choice of the creators of Gimball regarding its future use is far from accidental. Every year, dozens of climbers fall into cracks hidden by deep snow, while receiving serious injuries, sometimes incompatible with life.

The design of the drone has one characteristic feature: all its mechanisms are enclosed in a strong protective mesh of a spherical shape, which completely excludes damage, primarily, of rotating propellers when colliding with obstacles. After the collision, the Gimball continues flying quietly.

He perfectly navigates in confined spaces, thanks to the lighting system and a Full HD video camera, which broadcasts the image to the operator's monitor in real time. During the tests, Gimball penetrated into the deepest cracks of the Zermatt glacier to a depth of several tens of meters, where people could hardly penetrate, and then successfully returned back.

Upon completion of the entire test cycle, it is planned to use the drone for rescue operations in accidents at nuclear facilities or in a natural disaster zone to search for survivors.