The Topchair-S wheelchair was taught to use the stairs

On the streets of cities, wheelchair users have to overcome dozens of obstacles in the form of curbs, stairs, thresholds every day, since there are not everywhere safety ramps. The Topchair-S electric wheelchair will handle most of them successfully.

The stroller is equipped with a combined movement system consisting of main, additional wheels and tracks. It automatically detects the beginning and end of a ladder or other obstacle and can adjust its "step" up to 20 cm in height with a maximum slope of 35 degrees. The Topchair-S steps up the stairs with the back forward and downward as usual, while the passenger takes his usual position.

The stroller is controlled by a joystick and an LCD screen. The power supply consists of two 60A batteries, which provides it with a range of 35 to 45 km at a speed of about 9 km / h, thanks to two 350-watt electric motors.

Depending on the user's needs, additional options are provided - chin position control, seat accessories for different positions of arms and legs, as well as a set of LED lighting. Topchair-S costs about $ 16, 320.