Russia has created a unique container for the transportation of nuclear waste

The unique product was created in Karelia at the Petrozavodskmash enterprise, owned by the state corporation Rosatom. The container is a massive 150-ton metal capsule where the dangerous cargo will be safely hidden, which has been confirmed during rigorous tests.

To check the product for the presence of microcracks, nitrogen and helium were pumped into it, before dropping a 150-ton colossus from a height of about 10 meters at an angle of 25 degrees, since this is how, according to the creators of the container, it can receive maximum damage. Mechanical tests ended with one more "reset" - already on a sharp pin.

Despite significant deformation of the containment shell, the contents of the container remained intact. This high strength is made possible by a unique nodular cast iron alloy. The container capacity is 1.5 times larger than that of its counterparts. In the future, it will be used for servicing Russian fast neutron nuclear power plants.