Japanese fleet replenished with lithium-ion battery strike submarine

On October 14, the first Japanese submarine of a new class, the Taigei, was launched in a solemn ceremony in Kobe. In total, a series of three such submarines is planned, which will significantly increase Japan's naval power in countering the growing strength of the Chinese Navy.

Japanese non-nuclear submarines are considered to be among the best in the world. Launched "Taigei" - the third, equipped with more modern and efficient lithium-ion batteries instead of traditional lead-acid.

However, lithium-ion batteries have a serious problem - if they fail, they can release explosive, odorless hydrogen. For this reason, in 1968, as a result of an explosion of accumulated hydrogen, the USS Scorpion submarine sank.

A little about the merits of "Taigei". One of them is the presence of bathrooms for women, which, following the example of the United States, Japan is actively recruiting to serve in the Maritime Self-Defense Forces. The new submarine weighs about 100 tons more than its predecessor, the Soryu class (2950 tons).

The new submarine - already the 22nd in the Japanese Navy - will be equipped with six 533-mm torpedo tubes, which are located in the central part and are capable of launching Type 89 heavy guided torpedoes or the American UGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship missiles.