American coalition in Syria eliminates jihadist leader with "ninja missile"

This Tuesday, one of the jihadist leaders, Abu Ahmad al-Muhajir, was liquidated in Syria. After examining the consequences of the attack, independent experts came to the conclusion that the attack on the terrorist's car was inflicted by an R9X missile, which is also called a "ninja missile." They voiced this conjecture to Bellingcat and The Telegraph.

The existence of the R9X first became known in May from a Wall Street Journal report. A source told the publication that the missile is a modification of the Hellfire air-to-ground missile, commissioned by the CIA and the Pentagon.

The main feature of the rocket is that the R9X flying towards the target at a speed of over 1600 km / h destroys the object not with an explosion, but with six blades that protrude from the rocket body like secret swords.

"A strike from such a missile is very typical, " reports The Telegraph, "and although the US-led coalition denies any involvement in it, it is possible that other organizations not under its control - for example, the CIA - carried out the liquidation on an individual basis."