The Portuguese Navy has a unit that turns toys into weapons

During a planned NATO event, the Portuguese navy unveiled several robotic and unmanned systems. Jane's Defense Weekly noted that among the models were two remote-controlled toy cars converted to carry grenade launchers.

As it turned out, the Portuguese armed forces have a special unit CEOV, which has been assembling various devices for the Navy since 2017. It consists of 12 military personnel, whose job is to adapt the "homemade" for the needs of the army.

The CEOV team operates under the command of Lieutenant Thiago Mendes. As the lieutenant explained, the introduction of new technologies in the navy is too slow. Therefore, situations arise when an ordinary smartphone at the disposal of each sailor has more computing power than the entire system of the ship on which they serve.

Small and therefore more flexible enemy teams (for example, terrorists) can afford to apply technological advances much faster, and in the most unconventional way.

The purpose of the CEOV is to find out the enemy's capabilities in using readily available technologies for military purposes and to find in advance means of countering them.