The US military is developing an artificial intelligence projectile

The US Department of Defense plans to adopt a new type of 155-mm artillery shells with an independent target search function in 2020. The development is known as the Cannon-Delivered Area Effects Munition (C-DAEM) and is being developed by Raytheon. Technically, the ammunition is an evolutionary development of GPS-guided projectiles of the "Excalibur" type.

Old "Excalibur" aim at the target with a deviation of about 2 m, which is quite enough to damage even armored vehicles. But they cannot attack moving objects, and CDAEM will get this opportunity. This projectile is designed to track targets, so it can be used even if their location is initially known only approximately. It is stated that the ammunition is capable of finding and hitting a target in an area of ​​28 square meters. km.

The range of the new projectile is up to 60 km. In the air, CDAEM spends about a minute of time, maneuvering with small wings and using a parachute system to slow down. The onboard AI of the ammunition must detect targets, classify them and select the appropriate one for the attack. Tanks and heavy armored vehicles are considered a priority; later versions can be used on a wide range of military facilities.

The developers of CDAEM took into account that military conflicts of the future will take place in conditions of radar warfare, so they equipped the projectile with the function of working without GPS support. How exactly this is implemented is a military secret. The round is intended for the M777 towed howitzer, the M109A6 Paladin self-propelled howitzer and the new XM1299 self-propelled howitzer.