US shoots down Iranian drone for the first time using new MADIS technology

The leading American media, simultaneously with Donald Trump, reported that the crew of the landing ship USS Boxer destroyed an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz, using the MADIS (Marine Air Defense Integrated System) anti-UAV system for the first time. It uses the technology of jamming and blocking communication between the drone and the control point, as a result of which the drone falls to the ground.

The most interesting thing is that the Pentagon has not yet officially announced how the Iranian drone was shot down, and the use of MADIS is just a version of military experts, based on the fact that this system is installed on the USS Boxer.

This incident is an illustration of the rapidly changing nature of the war. Increasingly, the armies of the largest countries, including the United States, are using weapons that operate "without firing a single shot" - in particular, by the method of cyberattacks. Theoretically, with the help of such weapons, situations fraught with the outbreak of armed conflict can be avoided.

Installation of MADIS (on the roof of a ground combat vehicle)