China overtook the United States in the number of warships

Destroyer Taijiu

Another landmark event has taken place, challenging the world leadership of the United States. According to reports, the navy of their main strategic rival, China, is already ahead of the US navy in terms of the number of warships "with a score" of 300 versus 287.

According to experts, so far we are talking only about quantitative superiority. The American Navy, with its 11 nuclear-powered attack aircraft carriers and roughly the same number of amphibious assault ships, remains the undisputed leader in terms of quality and strike power.

As part of the expert report of the analytical company ChinaPower, a comparative analysis of the state of the navies of the leading world powers is presented. In accordance with it, the top three (China, USA) are closed by the Russian Navy with 83 warships.

It is worth noting that the Chinese Navy has more ships than Germany, India and Great Britain combined. They include 23 destroyers, 59 frigates, 37 corvettes and 76 submarines, including nuclear submarines with ballistic nuclear missiles.

Jin class submarine type 094A

Most of the Chinese Navy is represented by surface ships with limited range of the Jingdao class 056 and Jiangkai-II class 054A. China has only 1 aircraft carrier and is completely devoid of amphibious landing ships capable of carrying helicopters and support aircraft. For comparison, the displacement of the ships of the US Navy is three million tons more than that of the Celestial Empire.

But how long will American naval superiority last? Do not forget that the Chinese economy has enormous potential, which allowed China in 2016 and 2017 to launch 18 and 14 new warships, respectively, against 5 and 8 in the United States. Several more modern ships are on the way, including an unmanned landing craft and missile cruisers. All this speaks of China's serious intentions to achieve high-quality superiority of its navy.

Huzhou corvette type 056