An unmanned version of the Abrams M1 tank is being tested in the USA

The modern technique of ground defense implies the creation of means of "counter-mobility" that prevent the enemy from using high-speed equipment or quick maneuvers to attack positions. These are ditches, barbed wire, minefields and other structures, overcoming which under fire is almost equal to suicide. To avoid losses, the military wants to use modern tank-based robots to break through such barriers.

The latest development of the United States in this area is the M1150 Assault Breacher Vehicle robotic complex, which is created on the basis of the main American Abrams M1 tank. The gun and turrets are removed from the tank, a mine plow, a bulldozer blade and an explosive demining system are installed. Plus, the vehicle receives additional elements of protection against anti-tank missiles and sets of active armor.

The tank had an all-round view system through external cameras before, so only remote control was added to it - the car works as a drone. It can carry out active demining, destroy barriers, clear roads, fill trenches and destroy anti-tank barriers. There is no data on the range of communication with the operator, as well as on the presence of a fully automatic mode of operation.