The story of the Russian flying rifle received an unexpected continuation

Several days ago, it became known that the Almaz-Antey concern received a patent for a drone armed with a carbine from another well-known Russian concern, Kalashnikov.

Now this non-trivial topic has been continued. Scientists from the Moscow Aviation Institute posted a video on YouTube showing the flight of a drone they created, equipped with a Vepr-12 semi-automatic shotgun.

One might reasonably expect the recoil of the shotgun to continually knock the drone off course - but that doesn't seem to be the case.

In the published press release, the developers assured that after firing the device will not deviate from its trajectory, and the onboard power supply will provide the drone with a 40-minute flight. It follows from the video that the car takes off and lands in a position in which the barrel of the weapon is directed towards the sky. And the next video shows that the drone can take off its wings and use it as, in fact, an ordinary shotgun.