US Navy orders four giant Orca unmanned submarines from Boeing

The Boeing unmanned submarine has several names. The first is XLUUV (Extra Large Unmanned Vehicle). The second is "Orca" ("Killer Whale"). The amount of the contract between the US Navy and Boeing Corporation for the supply of four autonomous underwater vehicles is about $ 43 million.

Orca is based on the Echo Voyager unmanned underwater vehicle. It is designed for underwater mining and demining, destruction of submarines and surface ships, electronic warfare, as well as for detecting enemy submarines and transmitting information about them to anti-submarine aircraft and ships. The modular design makes it versatile.

Orca is a diesel-electric submarine with a cruising range of over 12, 000 km and a weight of 50 tons. She can be autonomous for several months, dive to a maximum depth of 360 m and develop a speed of about 15 km / h. Its internal cargo volume is 56.6 cubic meters. Carrying capacity is up to 8 tons.

The vessel is equipped with an inertial navigation system, depth sensors and GPS. On its mission, Orca uses satellite communications to transmit and receive messages from the ground command post. It can be armed with a light torpedo MK.46 or a heavier MK.48 and even an anti-ship missile to destroy surface ships.

According to experts, unmanned vessels will cost the US Navy much cheaper than their counterparts with crews, while their combat capabilities will constantly increase.

Echo Voyager - predecessor of the Combat Orca