U.S. Navy plans to flood ocean with autonomous assassin ship fleets

As reported by Defense News, the US Navy (US NAVY) plans to use surface drone vessels as escorts to escort other warships. The move could be a response to large investments by China and Russia in similar developments that pose threats to US aircraft carriers.

Last year, US naval strategy focused on supporting operational carriers and peacekeeping operations. The new strategy has significant differences. It consists in the construction of unmanned attack ships equipped with the most modern sensors.

The main idea is to take the enemy in numbers and make it difficult for him to track many ship groups, consisting of small ships. In addition, the large numbers should increase the quality and reliability of the information they collect.

An example of such a vessel is the Sea Hunter, developed by the Agency (DARPA). It is designed for hunting submarines and can serve in unmanned mode for two to three months. There is very little information about him due to its secrecy.

US NAVY is also trying to update warship building technologies and improve the efficiency of on-board computers and sensors. In the opinion of the command of the fleet, all modern ships should be built around a single combat system functioning on each ship.