New Israeli BMP "Namer" may replace the American M2 Bradley

Development of the Namer ("Tiger") began in the early 2000s as a heavy armored personnel carrier on the platform of the Israeli tank "Merkava". It was designed to transport 12 soldiers (including two crew members) to the combat area. The armored personnel carrier's armament is 7, 62 mm and 12, 7 mm machine guns, or the MK 19 anti-tank grenade launcher as part of the Katlanit remotely controlled module.

Later, it was decided to create a full-fledged BMP on the basis of the armored personnel carrier, armed with a 30-mm cannon and Spike MR anti-tank missiles. The car turned out to be very heavy - 60 tons. For comparison, the American BMP M2 Bradley weighs 32, and the Russian BMP-3 is only 18, 7 tons.

The developers "paid" for more reliable protection of the soldiers inside. In fact, it turned out to be a cross between a tank and an infantry fighting vehicle with powerful armor and an active protection system, which includes a ring of radars for detecting and destroying enemy ammunition aimed at the infantry fighting vehicles.

The Spike MR anti-tank missile turret is hidden in a retractable module, from where it appears just before launch. The missiles themselves operate on the “fire and forget” principle.

With the advent of the Namer BMP, some experts started talking about the fact that it might eventually be able to replace the outdated M2 Bradley in service with the American army, whose age has long exceeded 30 years. The updated version of the car looks extremely attractive for this purpose.