Britain has upgraded its Challenger 2 main battle tank

BAE Systems has carried out the first operational test of the main British Army's modernized tank Challenger 2, code-named "Black Night". Thanks to modernization, this Cold War veteran will serve until at least 2035.

The Challenger 2 entered service in 1998. In total, 2, 035 vehicles are in service today. For 20 years of service, he managed to fight in Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, and also take part in a number of NATO operations. According to experts, the tank demonstrated good survivability, as evidenced by the fact that not a single crew died during this time.

However, as new military technologies developed, it became apparent that many of the existing tank systems were outdated and in need of modernization. In particular, this applies to the 120 mm L30A1 cannon and the night vision system. It will be replaced by the Team Challenger 2 complex, which includes a front and rear view system using video cameras that effectively work during the day and night. Thanks to Team Challenger 2, the tank commander and gunner will be able to detect targets in a timely manner and exchange information.