PEARL system locates enemy shooter by sound of shots

The PEARL system, developed by the French company Metravib, is equipped with acoustic sensors that can detect the source of shots during combat. The device is very compact, which allows it to be installed on a Picatinny rail or on a helmet.

PEARL captures shock waves that occur during the shooting process. They propagate through the air like radio waves. With the help of sensitive acoustic sensors, the system determines the direction and location from which the shot was fired. The user will know about this by the indications of the LED arrows.

PEARL also determines the azimuth and elevation of shots, allowing the fighter to react quickly to threats. The system provides an accuracy of plus or minus 7.5 degrees in azimuth and responds to medium and small caliber weapons, that is, from pistols to 7.62 mm machine guns.

PEARL is designed for urban and mountainous combat, where the sound of gunfire can bounce off multiple surfaces. The system also filters "own" shots from enemy shots. It is reliably protected from accidental activation and is operated with only three buttons.

According to representatives of Metravib, PEARL has been tested in combat in several regional conflicts and has shown high reliability. Its more advanced version - PILAR details the characteristics of enemy fire, providing the user with the GPS coordinates of the source of fire and then displaying it on the map.